MatataCode Privacy Policy and User Agreement
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MatataCode Privacy Policy (Ver. 1.0)


In connection with your use of Services provided by MatataCode, we may be required to use part of system functions of your mobile device. Access to these functions will be obtained with your consent, and the type of access required to be obtained by MatataCode that operates in different systems may vary. Currently, MatataCode only provides iOS version and Android version.It’s our intention that through reading this MatataCode Privacy Policy (hereinafter, the “Privacy Policy”), you will be informed of how we will obtain and use these accesses when you receive our Services, and the manners in which we provide you with the use, update and control of such accesses.


This Privacy Policy is important to the Services you receive, and we expect you to read carefully the terms hereof, and where necessary, make the choice you think is appropriate as instructed by this Privacy Policy. To enable you to better understand technical terminologies referred to in this Privacy Policy, we attempt to clarify them as concise as possible and provide links to them for further clarification. By using or continuing to use our Services, you indicate your consent to this Privacy Policy. Should you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy or other related issues, please feel free to contact us by emailing us at support@matatalab.com.


While we provide the Services, we may request and use the functions and system accesses related to your mobile devices. If you do not authorize our access, you may not be able to receive our Services or the Services may not reach the intended effects of such Services.




The functions you are required to authorize our access:

  • Bluetooth system access – iOS version and Android version of MatataCode may need to access the Bluetooth function on your mobile device to enable the connection and interaction between MatataBot and MatataCon. MatataCode is required to access the Bluetooth function on your mobile device to conduct firmware upgrade (namely, DFU) of MatataBot and MatataCon;
  • Sandbox files access – iOS version and Android version of MatataCode may need to access the functions of sandbox storage and reading on your mobile device, to store and obtain the storage and reading of programming files created during your use, which may include text files and images.
  • GPS access – Android version of MatataCode in certain android mobile phone systems (Android 8+) needs to obtain your GPS access to conduct Bluetooth communication, however, it will not share, distribute or store your location information. If you do not authorize, you may face failure of connection or operation for certain versions of mobile phones.
  • While providing Services to you, no MatataCode of any version or system will request your personally identifiable information, such as telephone number, email address or bank card number;
  • All Services provided by MatataCode are offered for free, and we will not charge you any fee through MatataCode in any circumstances.
  • MatataCode adopts web front-end technologies based on Blockly, which may use your system caching to speed up the loading of web pages, however, we will not conduct collection or sharing of such information through MatataCode.
  • MatataCode will not collect your device or software information, such as configuration information provided through your mobile device, web browser or other programs used to access our Services, your IP address and the version information and device ID of your mobile device.
  • MatataCode will not collect information on the applications and other software you previously used, or the fact that you have used such APPs or software.
  • Our Services may include or provide links to social networking media or other services provided by third parties, including websites. For instance, when you click on the “Help” button under the upgrade mode to obtain upgrade tutorial, you may need to log in to a third party platform to obtain relevant information. These operations may result in third party platform obtaining and collecting information about you, and may result in installation of cookies in your computer to operate the above functionalities properly; your use of such social networking media services or other services of such third parties (including any personal identifiable information provided by you to such third parties) shall be subject to the service terms and privacy policy of such third parties (instead of this Privacy Policy), therefore you are required to read their terms carefully. This Privacy policy is only applicable to MatataCode, and it will not apply to services provided by any third party or information use rules of any third party, and we are not liable for any use by any third party of information provided by you.



Use of Our Services by Persons under Age 18

  • We encourage parents or other guardians to monitor minor users under age 18 in receiving our Services. We suggest that minors under age 18 to encourage their parents or other guardians to read this Privacy Policy, and suggest them to seek consent and guidance from their parents or guardians before they submit their personal information.



Scope of Application of this Privacy Policy

  • This Privacy Policy shall apply to all Services of MatataCode. We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, which amendments shall be deemed as a part of this Privacy Policy. If we make such amendments, we will post the latest version of this Privacy Policy prominently on the home page or send you an email or otherwise notify you before such amendment takes effect. Under such circumstance, your continuous use of our Services shall indicate your consent to being bound by the modified Privacy Policy.




MatataCode End User License Agreement (Ver. 1.0)

Before you use MatataCode, please read carefully and understand the rights and restrictions as provided in this End User License Agreement (hereinafter, this “Agreement”). 

We always respect and will diligently protect the lawful interests of users (including user privacy, user data etc.) from any infringement when they use this Product.

This Agreement (including the Privacy Policy as attached at the end of this Agreement) is the final, complete and exclusive agreement between the user (including any individual, legal entity or other organization that obtains this Product in lawful manners, hereinafter, “User” or “You”) and us with respect to the subject matter regarding this Product, and supersedes and incorporates any previous discussion and agreement between us regarding such subject matter.

This Agreement will be legally binding on the User's use of this Product, and you have undertaken and guaranteed that you have the right and ability to enter into this Agreement. When the User starts to use this Product, he/she shall be deemed to have accepted this Agreement, and please read carefully and understand all terms contained in this Agreement, including those disclaimers exempting or restricting our liabilities and restrictions on the User’s rights (statutory guardian shall be present when a minor user reviews this Agreement). If you do not accept all terms contained herein, please do not use this Product.



You are required to undertake and guarantee that:

Your use of this Product is legal.

This Product will maintain or terminate your account pursuant to the terms under the section of “Amendment and Termination” of this Agreement. You have to undertake to keep confidential, not permit others to obtain or use, any of your logging information, and shall be responsible for all activities taking place under your account. You have to notify this Product as earliest as possible of any activities likely to violate any law, unauthorized use or suspected unauthorized use. This Product will not be liable for any loss as a result of your failure to observe the above requirements.





End User License Agreement


Pursuant to this Agreement, this Product will grant to you a non-transferrable, non-exclusive license:

  • To use this Product;
  • To download, install and use this Product on all of your network communication devices, computer devices and mobile communication devices.




  • The license granted to you by this Agreement shall be subject to the following restrictions:
  • You may not license, sell, lease, transfer, distribute or use this Product for other commercial purpose in any manner or form;
  • Unless such restrictions are prohibited by law, you are not allowed to modify, translate, adapt, consolidate, use, dissemble, alter or decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise change any part or derivative products of this Product; 
  • You are not allowed to use this Product for the purpose of creating any identical or similar product;
  • Unless as expressly otherwise provided by law, you are not allowed to produce, copy, distribute, sell, download or display or otherwise use any part of this Product in any manner or form;
  • You are not allowed to delete or remove any copyright notice or other ownership notice contained in this Product.




  • Any updated or future versions, updates or other changes made to this Product shall be bound by this Agreement.



Observance of Law

You agree to abide by the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and its implementation rules, the Ordinance of the Standing Committee of the People’s National Congress on the Maintenance of Security of the Internet (“Security Ordinance”), the State Secret Protection Law of the PRC, the Telecommunications Regulation of the PRC (“Telecommunications Regulation”), the Regulation on Protection of Computer Information System of the PRC, the Provisional Regulations for the Administration of Computer Information Network International Networking of the PRC and its implementation rules, the Regulation on Confidentiality of Computer Information System on International Networking, the Regulation of Information Service on the Internet, the Implementation Rules on the Regulation on Protection of Computer Information System of the PRC, the Regulation on Electronic Bulletin Board Services on the Internet (“BBS Regulation”) and other applicable Chinese laws and regulations, and you shall be solely liable for all of your use of this Service by use of your password and account and the consequences thereof. If your use constitutes a violation of the Security Ordinance, you may be held criminally liable. The BBS Regulation expressly provides that, user online using BBS service shall be responsible and liable for the information published by him/her. The Telecommunications Regulation also provides that, the telecommunications service user shall be responsible for the information transmitted through telecommunications network and the consequences thereof. In any case, this Website may terminate the Services to you at any time without prior notice if it reasonably believes that any of your activities, including but not limited to your comments or other activities, breach any of the above-referenced laws or regulations.



User Contents

  • User contents shall mean all contents created by the User when he/she downloads, publishes or otherwise uses this Product, such as your information, pictures, music or other contents.
  • You are the person solely liable for your user contents, and you shall assume the risks of identification of you or any third party as a result of the disclosure of your user contents. 
  • You have agreed that your user contents are subject to the right restrictions. For details, please refer to the “Right Restrictions”.



Right Restrictions

You have consented to using the related Services in this Product by sharing or otherwise, and you shall be solely liable for the consequences of any of the following actions when you use this Product:

  • Disrupt the basic principles established by the Constitution;
  • Endanger national security, leak state secrets, subvert state power, disrupt national unity;
  • Impair national reputation and interests;
  • Instigate ethnics hatred, ethnics discrimination, disrupt ethnics unity;
  • Disrupt national religious policies, propagate illegal religious cults or feudal superstition;
  • Distribute obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror or crime abetting contents;
  • Defame or slander others, or infringe upon others’ lawful interests; 
  • Contain any other contents prohibited by any law, regulation.


You have agreed not to conduct anything listed below in this Product:

  • Distribute or share any computer virus, worm, malicious code, any software that intentionally disrupts or modifies computer system data;
  • Without authorization, collect information or data of other users, such as email addresses;
  • Maliciously use this product in an automated manner, which results in overburden on the servers, or otherwise disrupts or damages servers and network connection of the website; 
  • Without authorization, attempt to access the server data or communication data of this Product;
  • Disrupt or interfere with the use by other users of this Product.




  • This Agreement may be subject to modifications. In the case this Agreement has any substantial changes, we will notify you by sending you an email. After the change notice is served, your continuous use of this Product shall be deemed an acknowledgment and consent by you of such changes and to be bound by such changes;
  • We reserve the right to modify, or reserve or close any Service in this Product at any time without further notice.
  • You have agreed that we have the right to modify, reserve or close any Service in this Product;
  • You have agreed that we are not required to be liable howsoever to you or any third party for the modification, reservation or closing of any such Service of this Product.




  • This Agreement shall take effect as from the date you indicate your acceptance, and shall remain valid during your use of this Product, until it is terminated pursuant to its terms;
  • Notwithstanding the above provisions, if the time you started to use this Product is earlier than your acceptance of this Agreement, you hereby acknowledge and agree that this Agreement shall come into fore when you used this Product for the first time, unless it is early terminated pursuant to the terms of this Agreement;
  • We may reserve your right to use this Product or this Account in accordance with law; we may terminate this Agreement for any reason at any time, including when we believe in good faith that you have breached any use policies acceptable to us or other provisions of this Agreement, irrespective of whether we give a notice or not.
  • Without prejudice to the provisions in the preceding clause, if the User infringes upon any third party’s copyright and we have received a notice from the copyright owner or its agent, we reserve the right to terminate this Agreement;
  • Once this Agreement is terminated, your right to use this Product shall be ceased immediately. You shall be aware that the termination of your use of this Product shall mean your user contents will be removed from our Active Database. We will not be liable to you for termination of this Agreement, including termination of your user account and removal of your user contents.


  • Third Parties

  • You have been aware and agreed that part of our Services are obtained based on the technical support of third parties;
  • You have been aware that this Agreement is entered into between you and us, not you and such third parties. We are the sole responsible party for the contents, maintenance, support services, guarantees and lawsuits under this Product as a result thereof. You have agreed to abide by and authorized this Product to restrict your conditional use of the Services in this Product.




Third Party Information and Services

  • This Product has contained part of third party’s information and services. We do not exercise control of or are responsible for any information or service of any third party;
  • We only provide such information and service for the purpose of your convenience or undertaking or warranty of such third parties’ needs.
  • The User shall be liable for the use of such third party information or services;
  • Such third party’s terms and policies shall apply to the User’s use of such third party information and services.




You have agreed to use this Product in a harmless manner, and avoid being subject to any complaint, lawsuit filed by any third party, any loss, damages, liabilities, cost or expense (including attorney’s fee) as a result of any of the following actions or acts:

  • User’s use of this Product;
  • Any user contents of the User;
  • User’s breach of this Agreement. We reserve the exclusive defense right and the right to claim damages, and you have agreed that, unless as consented to in writing by us, you are not allowed to conduct settlement of any lawsuit filed by you and us jointly against any third party. We will exert our reasonable efforts to inform you of such lawsuit, action or progress. In no event shall this Product be liable to you or any third party for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special or exemplary damages arising out of this Agreement. You shall assume the risks of any damage to your computer system or mobile devices arising out of your access and use of this Product.



Governing Law

  • This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Any dispute between the Parties shall be first resolved through amicable negotiation; if negotiation fails, the dispute shall be submitted to the court at the place of their local for litigation.




  • If any provision of this Agreement is inapplicable for any reason, other provisions of this Agreement shall continue to be applicable, and the inapplicable provisions shall be amended so as to render them applicable. 



Entire Agreement

  • This Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, is the final, complete and exclusive agreement between you and this Product regarding matters related to this Product, and supersedes and incorporates any previous discussions and agreements between the Parties regarding such matters, including the previous end user authorization, service terms and privacy policy;
  • The heading for each part is inserted for convenience of reading, and does not imply any legal or contractual obligations;
  • Unless as approved by us in writing, you are not allowed to transfer any right or obligation provided in this Agreement. Any attempt of transfer in violation of above provisions shall be invalid.
  • MatataCode respects and protects the personal privacy rights of all Users that use the Services.
  • MatataCode will use and disclose your personal information pursuant to the requirements in this Privacy Policy in order to provide you with more accurate and more personalized services.
  • However, MatataCode will treat such information with high diligence and duty of care.
  • Unless as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, MatataCode will not disclose to the public or make available to any third party any such information without your prior permission.
  • MatataCode may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. 
  • Your consent to the MatataCode Service Use Agreement shall be deemed your consent to all terms in this Privacy Policy.
  • This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the MatataCode Service Use Agreement.