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Welcome to Matatalab

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Why Matatalab?

Founded in July 2017, Matatalab is an education technology company striving to provide innovative STEAM education solutions for educational institutions and families worldwide.

Matatalab combines technology and education to develop a series of coding learning tools in a bid to cultivate computational thinking skills through coding enlightenment and to help children prepare for the digital world.

Matatalab coding learning protocols (Hands-on coding solutions, Visual Coding, AI+Text Coding) are suitable for students aged 3-18.

Coding Robots

Choosing a Coding Tool?

“Don’t ask what this tool can do for the child, ask what the child can create with this tool.”

Good coding robots should meet the cognitive development of students in different age groups. Thus categories and 4 main line Matatalab coding learning tools has been produced.

These tools cover students aged 3-18

Coding Robots

Matatalab Education Features


Most Matatalab classes or activities are demonstrated on themed maps or with topic backgrounds. Rich scenes stimulate students’ interest in learning.


Children and teachers are encouraged to create their own coding topics or stories.


2-4 children are suggested to use one Matatalab coding learning tool. They need to build or challenge coding tasks together.


The tangical coding robots makes it a perfect tool for competition. Students quickly acquire knowledge or skills through competition.


Matatalab is not only a coding tool, but also a tool to explore cross-curricular knowledge or skills.


Children learn by making mistakes, evaluating them, revising their plans, and trying again. They continue to do that until they get it right. Iteration is not just how to code, but how we learn.

Rich Curricula

Matatalab provides international and multiple language versions
of curricula to enable teachers to help students practice the four C’s of 21st
century skills and computational thinking with Matatalab STEAM learning

Professional Development

Join our professional development to help you and your students more prepared to this new digital age.

Coding Robots

MatataWorld Robotics Competition (MWRC)

MatataWorld Robotics Competition (MWRC) is a global robotics event. In 2020, the MWRC Competition Committee was initiated and established by China, Japan, Singapore, Canada and other countries to promote the development of STEAM education for preschool children around the world and provide a platform for MatataBot enthusiasts to express themselves through the event.

Coding Robots

Don’t Just Take Our Word

Susan Wells

 Matatalab learning tools are hands-on engaging and fun and are our number one pick for introducing young students to coding

Erica Phillips

Students absolutely loved Matatalab. What worked best was that the blocks read like a book, left to right, top to bottom.

Judy Quintero

Matatalab Robot is a very effective and versatile way to teach computational thinking to young children!

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