Tale-Bot Pro

Hands-on Coding Set Educational Edition
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Screen-free design with command buttons

Age-appropriate for preschoolers
Coding toy

Learns Commands, Sequences, Loops

Introduce basic coding concepts in game

coding toy
coding toy

Voice commands

Develop children’s creativity and storytelling skills through recording function and tell stories

coding toy

New abilities and looks

Multiple accessories to support kids to DIY more story backgrounds

coding toy

Building blocks

I got wings

coding toy

I got arms

coding toy

I can draw

Drawing and dancing through coding

Perfectly combine coding with arts and fun for young kids

coding toys

Intelligent coding indicators

The color of coding indicators are the same to command buttons to help kids to track coding process and for easier debugging

Easy to play

Plan the path

Press the Play button to start the robot

Press the Play button to start the robot

We care about details

Smart OID interactive technology

Eco-friendly food grade material

Sturdy and fall resistant

Lead free, safe for kids