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Visual Coding Solutions

Visual Programming Solution focuses on programming learning for children aged 8+. At present, the tool we use for Visual Programming Solution is the programmable robot VinciBot, and its supporting programming platform MatataCode.

Visual programming needs to be realized by using electronic devices such as computers and tablets. Different from textual coding, visual programming use a programming language that lets users create programs by manipulating program elements graphically rather than by specifying them textually(Jost,2014). It also has other names, such as graphical programming, block coding, low-code etc.

Children are encouraged to get familiar with programming concepts from Sequences to Variables, explore the pleasure of creating a program using multiple algorithms.

Matatalab visual program solution also provides the beginners a learning tool to enlighten students to learn some trended digital technologies, such as AI, IoT, etc.
Why VinciBot?
Comprehensive | Constructible | Creative
designed for primary and secondary school children aged 8 and up, VinciBot Coding Robot Set is a learning tool that features diverse and rich functionality, open expandability, and superb quality.
With its graphical and Python programming platforms as well as AI and IoT features, it has a wide range of applications in the STEAM education industry such as programming learning, AI education, robotics competition, and creative projects.
VinciBot encourages learning by doing, and imagination while developing computational, design, and engineering thinking - educating your children about the evolving digital age from a young age.

VinciBot Features

Multi Functional
More Open
More Intelligent
Higher Quality

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