Three Sports, Endless Possibilities
Engage in the excitement of Football, Track and Field, and Basketball, each
offering a unique set of challenges and learning opportunities.
Comprehensive Learning Modules
Explore robotics, programming, creative construction, Tiny ML, and IoT in a single kit,
providing a holistic STEM education experience.
Robotics Exploration and Programming Adventure
Understand the fundamentals of robotics and dive into the world of coding and
learn how to control VinciBot to perform under the sporty subjects.
Creative Construction
Encourage imaginative thinking and construction skills as kids build and
modify VinciBot for different sports scenarios.
Tiny ML Experience
Introduce the concept of embedded machine learning in a kid-friendly way,
enhancing their understanding of Artificial Intelligence.
IoT Connectivity
Explore the basics of the Internet of Things, connecting VinciBot to the digital
world for an integrated learning experience.
Ideal for Various Settings
Perfect for computer science classes, after-school coding clubs, maker spaces,
and even robot competitions.
What's Included
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