Coding Toys Teach Valuable Life Skills
Coding Toys Teach Valuable Life Skills


While it’s important for kids to learn to code, they also need to develop life skills to help them progress through life. Coding toys have the power to help with this.

Even toddlers are able to start learning fundamental life skills with the right coding toy. From getting along with others to creating new things, coding teaches more than you might expect.

Importance Of Life Skills In Child Development

Life skills are a critical part of your child’s development. They set the groundwork for your child when it comes to learning new things and socializing. Teachers often refer to these skills as helping kids learn how to learn. There are seven life skills every child should learn as early as possible, including:

  • Self-control and focus
  • Communication
  • Perspective
  • Critical thinking
  • Making connections
  • Taking on challenges
  • Self-directed learning
  • Life Skills Coding Toys Teach

Coding toys aid in teaching most of those life skills in some form. The best part of all is kids don’t realize they’re learning. They’re just having fun with their toy. Having fun is the best way to help teach life skills and coding.

Some of the top life skills coding toys are able to teach include:

  • Communication – Kids communicate with the toy, learn to tell others what they’re doing and explain to parents how they’re doing things.
  • Cognitive & Logic Skills – Coding toys teach computational skills, which develops their cognitive and logic skills. This helps with critical thinking and taking on challenges.
  • Persistence – Kids don’t always succeed on their first try. Coding toys encourage them to keep trying, which also helps teach them self-control and focus in order to succeed.
  • Problem Solving – At its core, coding is problem solving. Kids have to figure out how to get their coding toy to do what they want, which is a problem to solve.
  • Teamwork – Coding toys encourage kids to work together over a shared interest.
  • Creativity – Coding gives kids a chance to solve problems and challenges in unique ways.
  • Matatalab Coding Toys Teach Life Skills

Matatalab’s coding toys are designed to teach life skills. For younger learners, such as toddlers, Matatalab Lite introduces early problem solving, creativity, persistence and logic skills.

As your child gets more interested in coding toys, the Matatalab Coding Set offers even more coding challenges in a game-based environment. Kids continue solving problems and work together with parents, siblings and friends to succeed.

Introduce kids to coding toys early to help develop vital life skills and an interest in STEM. Matatalab has everything you need to get started.