Activity/Lesson Key Information

Big Idea

There are 4 different farm animals. Children need to transport them to different locations in the community (for example the library, pizza parlor, paint store, and dentist). Upon each arrival, an animal will be dropped and the children should come up with a story, explaining why the animal is visiting the place.


Matatalab tangible coding language,Community


 Transport farm animals from place A to place B

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how to use coding blocks to program a path that leads to a destination
  • Figure out steps and directions for MatataBot to reach the destination 
  • Apply different paths to the destination
  • Remember where the animal was and where it is going
  • Storytelling about why each animal is visiting the place, a way to reinforce kid’s memory of the location of each animal.
Key Vocabulary
  • MatataBot: A Robot
  • Map: an area for MatataBot to explore
  • Command: instructions given to a computer or robot
  • Move forward: the MatataBot move forward 10cm
  • Move backward: the MatataBot move backward 10cm
  • Turn right : 90º: turn to the robot’s right side
  • Turn left: 90º: turn to the robot’s left side
Prior Knowledge

Students know how to use Matatalab Coding Set to program 

CSTA(K-2) : 1A-CS-01, 1A-AP-08, 1A-AP-10, 1A-AP-15
ISTE : 1a, 3d, 4a, 5a, 6a

Detailed Lesson Plan

Lead in & Guided Activity


1.Review how to let MatataBot move on the map by using the Motion blocks (move forward, move backward, turn left, and turn right).

2.Prepare 4 different locations and 4 different farm animals.



3.Set up the four locations on the map.

4. Set up the obstacles.



Independent Activity


Students need to:    

1. Choose a starting point for MatataBot, and put all the animals on the robot.
2.Transport the 4 animals to the 4 different locations. Upon each arrival, one animal will be dropped. 


3. Tell a story about the reason why the animal need to go to the destination from where it was.
4. Use a Preset Music block to celebrate when you transport one animal to a certain place successfully.
5. Transport the 4 animals to the 4 locations in one time.

Feedback & Extension


Tell the class your story: Which animal went to the library? Why?


Essential questions:

  • Did you transport each animal to its destination from where it was successfully?
  • Do you remember which animal was transported to the library/pizza parlor/paint store/dentist? Why did you transport it to the library/pizza parlor/paint store/dentist?
  • If you were facing a different direction at the time when you started, wouldn't the program be different?
  • Are you able to transport the 4 animals to the 4 different locations in one time?
Product Related
Coding Set
Supplementary Materials

Papercraft or materials that stands for the 4 locations and 4 farm animals.