Activity/Lesson Key Information

Big Idea

MatataBot is going to be late. He needs to finish the morning tasks and goes to work right away. What is the simplest route to complete these tasks? That’s to say, can you program MatataBot to finish the morning tasks and leave home at the fastest speed?


Matatalab tangible coding language


Based on the task of each point on the map, create a long program that directs MatataBot to complete the tasks along the way and reach the end point uninterruptedly.

Learning Outcomes
  • Plan the shortest route and keep thinking about how to simplify the route.
  • Create a long program and be able to iterate and simplify the program.
Key Vocabulary
  • Code: Set of specific directions or instructions sent to and used by a computer.
  • Sequence: An arrangement of instructions to be followed in a particular order.
  • Robot: A machine capable of carrying out a complex set of instructions as programmed by a computer. 
  • Debugging: Finding and removing errors from computer hardware or software.
  • Algorithm: A set of rules or directions to be followed by a computer.
  • Command: instructions given to a computer or robot
Prior Knowledge

Student know how to use Matatalab Lite coding mode to program and control the movement of the MatataBot.

ISTE: 1a, 3c, 3d, 4c,4d, 5a, 5c
CSTA (3-5):1B-DA-06, 1B-AP-08, 1B-AP-08, 1B-AP-09, 1B-AP-10, 1B-AP-11, 1B-AP-15, 1B-AP-16, 1B-IC-20

Detailed Lesson Plan

Lead in & Guided Activity


Task Releasing-- MatataBot gets up late, and he needs to leave home as soon as possible to go to work. Before leaving home, he is bound to do 3 things: go to the restroom, change clothes, and eat breakfast. Please plan the most reasonable and fastest route that allows MatataBot to finish these things as soon as possible before leaving home. (Sequence requirements: there is no sequence requirement, except that breakfast should be prepared before the action of eating, which means that MatataBot needs to enter the kitchen twice.)



Independent Activity


1.Students work in groups to plan the route and create a program to test it.



2.Groups check if the program meets the requirements. If it fails, debugging is required.

3.Try to simplify and iterate the program.


Wrap Up


Each group presents their solution to the whole class and the group with the shortest program will  share their experience. 


Essential questions:

  • Have you completed today’s task?
  • Which group created the shortest program?
  • Which is the most difficult part during the whole project? Which part is the most interesting?
  • Are there any problems encountered when creating the program? How did you solve it?
Product Related
Supplementary Materials

Plasticine, Scratch paper, Pencils