Activity/Lesson Key Information

Big Idea

In MatataBot’s bowling party, MatataBot is going to knock down the paper cup towers. How can MatataBot knock down more paper cup towers? Can you successfully avoid obstacles and reach the destination to complete the challenge?


Coordination of hand movements, target prediction


Turn on the control mode, and control MatataBot to avoid obstacles and knock down the paper cup towers.

Learning Outcomes
  • Decorate paper cups with crayons.
  • Build the paper cup towers according to the rule of 5-4-3.
  • Control MatataBot to avoid obstacles
  • Control MatataBot move towards the target (the paper cup towers) and knock down as most cups as possible. 
Key Vocabulary
  • Starting point: the starting position of MatataBot during the programming activity.
  • Obstacles: the objects that MatataBot needs to avoid during its movement, such as the building blocks.
Prior Knowledge

Able to use Matatalab Lite control mode to control the movement of MatataBot

ISTE: 3a, 4a, 4c, 5a, 6a
CSTA (K-2): 1A-CS-02, 1A-AP-11, 1A-AP-12

Detailed Lesson Plan

Lead in & Guided Activity


Do you know how to build a paper cup tower?

1. Decorate the paper cup with crayons.
2. Build the paper cup towers according to the 5-4-3 rule.



Independent Activity


1. Arrange the site, set up the paper cup towers, and paste the starting point.

2. Transform MatataBot so that it can knock down the paper cup easier;



3. The students start a competition in pairs, avoiding obstacles and knocking down the paper cup towers. The group with the fastest speed and the most cups knocked down will win.



4. Organize the site and pack up the robot.

Feedback & Extension


1. Students show their decorated paper cups.

2. Students share how many paper cup towers they have knocked down today.

3. Wrap up: Have MatataBot’s eyes on target first, and then control it to knock down the paper cup towers.


Potential questions:

  • Can you build paper cup towers yourself?
  • How many paper cup towers have you knocked down?
  • Can you control MatataBot to successfully avoid obstacles?
Product Related
Supplementary Materials

Paper cups (according to the number of students), tape, crayons, building blocks, decorative materials