Robot coding


For Intelligent Microscope M1B, M1C

Discover the Joy of the Microcosm

MatataXplore is a microscope operating software designed specifically for children, aiming to help them easily explore the microscopic world. It provides a professional, convenient, and enjoyable microscope experience while stimulating curiosity and fostering an interest in science. It is suitable for various educational settings and natural exploration. Let’s embark on a journey together to explore the marvelous microscopic world!

Robot coding

MatataCode (VinciBot)


An app that provides control, programming, and embedded machine learning capabilities for VinciBot.


MatataCode is a software that allows robot coding and users to control and program VinciBot. The software works in conjunction with VinciBot’s hardware, sensors, servos, and embedded machine learning models. Users can utilize the graphical programming and embedded machine learning modules provided in MatataCode to design their programs. While enjoying the fun of building and controlling VinciBot, users can develop spatial thinking and logical reasoning in coding, while also opening the door to artificial intelligence learning.


Online coding platform

robot coding


For Coding Set, Pro Set, Tale-Bot Pro

An app that provides control and programming

capabilities for MatataBot and Tale-Bot-Pro.


MatataCode supports graphical programming to achieve various functions, allowing both programming beginners and advanced users to showcase their skills and become a programming expert.   

Robot coding
robot coding
robot coding