MatataStudio Coding Set

Entry Level Hands-on Coding Robot Set for Age 4-9
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Friendly for young kids
Screenless & words free
Reduce kids' screen time by making the coding blocks extremely simple, physical and with the directional symbols. No need for a screen nor any literacy capability. Learning to code is as easy as playing with building blocks.
Game-based learning
Learning through play
By controlling a robot car through coding algorithms, kids learn fundamental coding concepts in an entertaining way. Kids receive instant feedback and quickly discover that coding is fun and simple.
Integrate coding into other subjects
Cross-curricular learning
Perfectly integrate coding into different curricular areas to promote literacy, math, science, engineering, and any other subject through a project-based approach.
From easy to advanced
Three challenge booklets
Packaged with three challenge booklets and warm-up cards to help kids to learn from easy to advanced step by step.
Coding + Artist
Coding + Artist / Animation / Musician
Coding + Artist / Animation / Sensor Add-on
Easy to expand
Available to play with Artist / Musician / Animation / Sensor add-on
Easy to Play, Fun to Learn
Step1: Create your playground. Set the starting point, the goal and your storybackground.
Step 2: Plan the route and predict the movement for MatataBot.
Step 3: Press the big button and observe if the MatataBot goes to where you want.
Step 4: Verify and debug if it goes to the wrong place. Problem-solving skills developed.
Meet Your New Coding Friend!

With Matatalab coding robot, kids are able to create simple programs with tangible coding blocks and controlling robot to complete various challenges.
Train the brain & protect eyes

Kids can create music with Mata coding robot! Drawing different shapes by angle blocks and learning the geometrical concepts vividly and screen-free.
Free Exploration

Compatible with LEGO bricks for limitless fun! Encouraging young kids to construct their own understanding of the world through hands-on activities.
Learning Through Play

Led by rich supporting materials which contain more than 100 stories and challenges, kids start the coding journey and experience the joy of coding.