VinciBot Coding Robot Set

Encouraging children to play and explore



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VinciBot Coding Robot Set

VinciBot coding robot set is a learning robot for children aged 8 and up to learn computer science and build confidence in STEAM subjects.

VinciBot encourages learning by doing, imaginative by empowering children to build real-life projects especially including creative music dancing, and drawing in autonomy and cooperation with the right to learning by making mistakes.

With Matatalab coding software, children can manipulate robot through block-based to text-based programming while developing computational, design and engineering thinking – educating your children about the evolving digital age from a young age.


A variety of gameplay combinations, making the projects richer

  • Multiple robots can be built together to deform
  • Compatible with Lego bricks, Techinic motors and more third-party electronic modules or MatataCode App

More Open

Super extensibility, adding diversity and freedom of classroom and robotics competition

  • Multiple robots can be built together to deform
  • Compatible with Lego bricks, Techinic motors, and more third-party electronic modules

More Intelligent

Upgrade intelligent classroom through artificial intelligence education

  • Supports Al and loT-based teaching scenarios and
    gameplay cases
  • Realizes cloud data processing and other functions
    with third-party devices

Higher Quality

More reliable and durable, more precise movement and higher sensor accuracy

20+ Professional Tests

Higher Precision Motor

Longer Motor Service Life

Runtime 4 Hours

Three Preset Modes

What’s Included

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