Singapore – Tale-Bot Pro – Kindergarten – Tricia Toh



How many kids are in a group


How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

Besides an exciting learning opportunity, Tale-bot Pro allows children to build self-confidence and awareness in a group setting!

What skills did it develop?

Creativity: Children express themselves through bot design

Emotional Intelligence: Children work together to suggest a sequence, listening to their peers’ suggestions and taking turns

Logical thinking: Children brainstorm and think about the best way to move to their goal

Build knowledge: Children consolidate their learning in a fun and interactive manner

What worked best and what was challenging?

It was easier to guide children using command cards, and they can visually see what steps they had input / should input. The feedback from the bot was helpful in letting children know when they need to relook at their input and make corrections. Directional buttons are easy and clear, children could easily establish the intended direction of movement. It was also easy for children to keep track of the number of steps they have input according to the light indicators on the bot; However, multiple reminders were required from the facilitator that turning right and moving require two steps. Children were very intrigued by the recording function, to hear their own voice and own command. It helped build their confidence when they practised speaking loudly and clearly to hear it repeated during the session. The flexibility to allow children to switch between languages and explore tonalities proved really helpful! Children get confused the first time they coded themselves e.g.need to press forward / backward after pressing left/ right. Children are familiar with the content on the play field, hence teachers will need to curate their own content to make it age-appropriate as part of the curriculum for Kindergarten.

How did students respond?

The voice recording function was a hit amongst the children as they all could not wait for their turn to record their voices and make the robot dance. They all gasped in enthusiasm when they saw the robot dance! The children were all very excited during the unboxing reveal. The teacher introduced it as a “friend of MatataBot” with special powers!

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