Professional Development

With schools today facing numerous complex challenges – from developing students’ computational thinking skills, to developing students’ 21st century skills, to integrating new technology in the classroom – a professional learning is more needed.

In order to help teachers use Matatalab products to face these new challenges well, Matatalab provides a comprehensive professional learning opportunity. Teachers can choose Self-Guided courses, Virtual Training courses, and On-Site workshops according to your own needs. Join our professional development to help you and your students more prepared to this new digital age.

Self-Guided Course

Matatalab provides 19 completely online and asynchronous online lessons, included in 3 courses, to help educators get familiar with Matatalab coding robots, curriculums, and activities. A corresponding certificate will be awarded at the end of each course.

Virtual Training

Matatalab Virtual Training, provided through a single user sign-on, empowers educators in effective use and implementation of Matatalab products. Matatalab’s virtual training offerings include coaching, modeling, and collaboration for tool mastery in Competence, Comfort, and Curriculum Connections.

On-site Workshop

Matatalab On-Site workshop provides opportunities for trainers and educators to work in a hands-on environment to fully understand Matatalab products and related learning theories. A certified Matatalab Education trainer will work with you for this immersive training.

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