Lesson 2.5: Artist

1. Lesson Objectives: Know what is included in Matatalab Artist Add-On; understand how to use Angle coding blocks with Motion coding blocks; understand how to use MatataBot to draw different shapes.

2. Time: 25 mins

3. Language: English

4. Format: Completely Online

5. Level: Intermediate

Unit List:

1. Introduction

2. What is Included

3. User Guide

4. Practice

Unit 1. Introduction

In Lesson 5 and Lesson 6, we will learn Matatalab Artist Add-On package and Matatalab Artist Add-On package.

For Matatalab Artist Add-On package, kids can draw beautiful graphics and pictures through programming, towards the more advanced stages of coding their mathematical theories of geometry also improves. *Coding Set is required to work with.

Note: If you do not want to buy Matatalab Coding Set and Artist/Musician Add-On package separately. We have Matatatlab Pro Set available, which includes all of the components of Matatalab Coding Set and Artist/Musician Add-On package. More details: Matatalab Pro Set

Unit 2: What is Included

2.1 20 Angle Coding Blocks

2.2 3 Colored Pens

2.3 3 Warm-up Cards (6 samples)

2.1 Angle Coding Blocks:

Two kinds of items are included in the Matatalab Artist Add-On package: Angle coding blocks and colored pens. For Angle coding blocks, there are 10 angles in this package, and every angle has two coding blocks: 30 degrees, 36 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 72 degrees, 108 degrees, 120 degrees, 135 degrees, 144 degrees, and 150 degrees.


2.2 Colored Pens:

For colored pens, there are 3 random colored pens included. They can be placed in the MatataBot pen holding place.

2.3 Warm-up Cards:

There are 3 warm-up cards (6 samples) included. Students and teachers can use these samples to get familiar with MatataBot’s drawing.



Unit 3. User Guide

Placing colored pens in the MatataBot pen holding space and using Motion coding blocks, Angle coding blocks, and Loop coding blocks together can make MatataBot draw different shapes on paper. It is important to note that, the MatataBot is drawing the supplementary angle on the Angle coding blocks, and Angle coding blocks can be only used with Turn left/right coding blocks. Two samples are provided below:

Sample 1: Triangle

Sample 2: Star

Unit 4. Practice

For this lesson, you can use the samples below to practice if you own a Matatalab Coding Set and Artist Add-On, or a Matatalab Pro Set. If you do not have one, please use the online practice below to get familiar with Matatalab Artist Add-On package.

4.1 Practice Samples:

4.2 Online Practice:

Note: Drag and rotate MatataBot to start drawing. Press Space to erase all.

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