Israel Elementary School – Matatalab Pro Set – Shalhevet Zakai

How many kids are in a group

How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?
I used the robot as immigrants that immgrate from one country to another. Some robots had more diffculitites than other robot. I made it on the base of Immigration Week.


What skills did it develop?
The ability to plan, to solve problems, organize, working in a group, connection between two different subjects learned at school.

What worked best and what was challenging?
My biggest challange was to plan the lesson ahead: material, plan etctera. The fact that the pupils could work with the robot eventhough it was thier first try with the robots. operation.


How did students respond?
The pupils were excited they liked the task. They asked for more lessons like the one they had.

Share your comments upon the class using Matatalab
The robots match their age. 
The robots are friendly to use. 
On the other hand it can varestile of usage. 
You can challange the pupils by its level.


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