How Robotics For Kids Changes How Kids Think

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July 23, 2020

It’s easy to see robotics for kids as just another tech-like toy. However, robotics aren’t just toys. They’re tools kids use to explore the world in different ways.

In fact, robotics toys have actually been shown to change the way kids think. They help kids think outside the box, leading to innovative new ways of thinking.

Robotics For Kids Changes Perceptions

In one study, kids were shown how robots are currently used in the real world. They were then asked to draw their ideas for robots. Most drew creative ways robots could be used on a daily basis versus the typical humanoid robots kids often draw.

When exploring robotics for kids, children start to see robots differently. They also start to see unique ways that robots can make lives better and easier.

Robotics For Kids Influences Attitudes

With kids interacting with technology every day, why not use robots to help influence a child’s attitude? In a study with a companion robot for kids, kids who played with a robot with a more positive attitude also had a more positive attitude. The right robotics kit could help kids feel more positive about themselves and technology.

Knowledge Is Fun With Robotics For Kids



Kids often blur the lines between play and learning. When one group was asked about using robots at school, 38% wanted them for learning and 38% for play. What kids didn’t realize is robotics for kids is so fun that most didn’t realize that even when playing, they were learning. Teaching in a playful, engaging way helps kids retain knowledge better, which influences how they grow and think.

Matatalab Robotics Mix Fun And Learning

At Matatalab, robotics for kids is what we’re all about.. Hands-on kids are a fun way to learn STEM skills while subtly influencing how kids think in a positive way.

For younger kids, Matatalab Lite introduces robotics for kids as young as three. It’s a cute, interactive robot that also grows with kids. With three modes, kids gradually go from pressing buttons to coding using combinations and even sensors.

For kids from age four through nine, the Matatalab Pro Set takes robotics to the next level. The colorful set of blocks to practice coding at an early age teaches kids how robots are programmed to work. It’s also a game-based approach, meaning kids feel more like they’re playing a game than learning.

STEM play can start at home. Help your child start early and have fun with Matatalab.

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