France – VinciBot – Grade 3-5 – Charlotte Billot


École Sainte Thérèse Toulouse, France

How many kids are in a group

Groups of 10

How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

I used it in 4 different classes: 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade.

Each class has 3 times 45 minutes: 1) discovery time, demonstration, and drawing of what kids have learned, the group manipulates the robot 10mn. 2) Challenge time with a lesson specific. ( 30 mn of manipulation). 3) reinforcements and the group chooses their challenge with the booklet challenge. (40mn).

There were complementary activities about coding in order to have the VinciBot for 3 kids. ( I was alone with 10kids for 45 mn ) . In each team of 3 there was a coder, a photographer, and a kid who pressed the button and they changed their role every time.

What skills did it develop?

Collaboration / Estimating / Problem Solving / Sequencing / TeamWork/ Directional Skills

What worked best and what was challenging?

The remote control mode was easy. I had an issue with saving the program of the block-based coding on iPad. I couldn’t succeed in creating an account to save the program. The students were amazed and so pleased to discover Vinci that there was a lot of excitation. Now it is ok, we go deeper in challenges and they concentrate.

How did students respond?

They communicate a lot between teams to solve the challenge and be the first ( we had a timer because we had only one Vinci so they compare their time after). Kids were very very thrilled to see how their code worked. They were enjoyed and amused by the result even if it wasn’t what they expected.

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