ES – Tale-Bot Pro – 1st Primary School – Carla Codina

How many kids are in a group

18 kids

How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

In the math class we had an overview about subtraction and addition. Moreover, we started to solve easy problems related to logic, subtraction and addition. To practice the subtraction and addition algorithm in a more dynamic and motivating way, we introduced the Math boards. Through these boards,we could:
• Reinforce the concept of even and odd numbers.
• Practice the subtraction algorithm.
• Practice the addition algorithm.
• Review numbers from 1 to 200
• Solve Mathematical problems related to addition, subtraction, and logic.
• Foresee the best route for the Tale Bot to get to the objective but being able to solve as many challenges as possible and obtain the maximum

The Math boards contained these challenges: (see Annex I) 1st Math Board had additions which the results were even or odd numbers. 2nd
Math Board had subtractions which the results were even or odd numbers. 3rd Math Board had subtractions and additions that students
must complete, as there were gaps. Moreover, they obtained points solving the operations. Each operation had a different punctuation
according to its difficulty. 4th Math Board had Math problems related to subtraction, addition and logic

What skills did it develop?

Tale Bot activities stimulate the interest, attention, communication skills, curiosity of children and their creativity. In this learning environment, children develop the idea of even and odd numbers, reinforce the addition and subtraction algorithm, problem
solving and coding. Children worked in groups of three or four, so they developed skills such as teamwork and cooperation, agreement, problem solving skills, addition and subtraction algorithms and manual coding of the robot (they used the elementary instructions: move forward, backwards, turn left, right, repeat and dance).

What worked best and what was challenging?

Activities in the small group turn out to be successful. Like all educational robotics activities, each robot must have a group of no more than four children. ADVANTAGES: Tale Bot Pro is an excellent floor robot to keep the attention of children on the didactic activity that they have experienced as a “game”. All students from 6 years-old committed themselves to solve the challenges and develop the activity motivated and showing their best. They easily understood the proposed challenges and tried to solve them the best way they could. They also had some rewards as at the end of each challenge they obtained a punctuation. This punctuation was obtained by the number of well solved challenges, as every challenge gave them a concrete number of points. What was challenging was to be able to correct all the challenges from children, even though we already had the solutions written. We should find a self-correction way to do it that also ensure that children work and do their best.

How did students respond?

In general students enjoyed and had a lot of fun solving the proposed challenges. They collaborated, waited for their turn, develop Mathematical skills. They worked autonomously focused on the task.

Share your comments upon the class using Matatalab

Children love to make the robot dance when they achieve the goal. They also were very excited to record themselves saying the answers of the different operations and problems and listening to the robot while moving through the Math board.


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