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Gimnasio Moderno Colombia

How many kids are in a group


How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

We used Tale-Bot in technology class. One of the goals was to introduce the kids to essential computational thinking. They recognize and use basic commands, sequences, and patterns, also they work orientation in space.

What skills did it develop?

Observation skills, Computational Thinking process, abstract thinking, logical thinking, creativity, divergent thinking, comparison, problem-solving, mathematical the ability to solve simple arithmetic problems for addition and subtraction.

What worked best and what was challenging?

The best was:

Tale-Bot is an amazing robot for introducing the youngest students. the colorful bottoms help to differentiate easily the commands. The kid’s interest has allowed fun times in order to teach difficult concepts. Tale-Bot recognizes all the maps and gives different challenges. The interest is then fueled by the wonder when they understand the use of the microphone and dance command. on the other hand, students love the draw accessories, they paint deferents shapes, like circles and squares.

The challenging part was:

The challenge was the “move back” bottom because they put the robot to walk backward and they get confused making the turns. The most challenging was to create routines to use the robot and respect the friend’s turn.

How did students respond?

They were really happy with the robot. They had a good mood and a positive attitude to the lesson, in fact, they include Tale-Bot in the Christmas list, even though is June. Was really fun for all. I will continue with Tale-Bot in my Technology class for sure.

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