China Harrow International School – Tale-Bot Pro – Reception – Sophie Lockey


Harrow Shenzhen International School, China

How many kids are in a group


How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

In Reception, we used the robots to support children understanding of measurement and direction whilst also building their language in this area of maths. We began by exploring the different functions for the Tale-Bot Pro and the key language needed to code and give instructions. We used the mats first all and combined this is telling a story to get to a certain location. Children loved using the mats and also hearing the robot talk when it reached the correct location. To up level this further, children created their own mini towns for the Tale-Bot Pro to move around to different locations. Children worked in pairs. One children as the coder and one as the instructor. The children loved creating their own town for the Tale-Bot Pro to travel through and it was great to see the communication and language that was used in this activity.

What skills did it develop?

Using Tale-Bot Pro have supported development of core skills, such as social development and communication and language. When using the robot, children are developing team work skills, negotiation, sharing and learning how to problem solve and overcome a challenge together.

What worked best and what was challenging?

The Tale-Bot Pro mats were really useful for supporting children’s understanding of coding and movement of the bots. Using these mats enabled children to then move on and create their own. They even began using the mats within their independent play in the construction area and were using instructional and positional language.

How did students respond?

The students have been really engaged with the Tale-Bot Pro and are always excited to use them. They are very creative and imaginative in how they use them and it has been great to see them engage the bots in their independent learning. For example, a couple of our students created their own mat which was a game that children could play similar to snakes and ladders.

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