Belarus – VinciBot – Class 3-4 – Ludmila Lykashevich


ГУО “Средняя школа No2 г. Докшицы”, Republic of Belarus

How many kids are in a group


How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

We use the VinciBot robot in a group of children who can read, because its programming requires a Scratch-like environment. The most suitable age to explore the capabilities of this robot is 8-9 years old. Children are already familiar with programming in the Scratch environment, they used WeDo 2.0 constructors in their practice. It is easy for them to adapt to a new environment and apply the acquired skills to create creative projects with the VinciBot robot.

The VinciBot robot is simply amazing in its capabilities. The large LED matrix allows you to create unique robot reactions to children’s stories, the robot can repeat your sounds.

The ability of the robot to trace and draw, moving along various unique trajectories with the desired speed and angle of rotation, combines play and learning, allows you to make the lesson even more fun and interesting.

New blocks and a sensor function expand the possibilities of coding, allowing the robot to be programmed to detect obstacles, recognize colors and respond to sound. During games or activities, children can change the color of the LEDs on the top of the robot, thus adapting to a specific story.

What skills did it develop?

Working with the VinciBot robot, the child will learn logical and spatial thinking, algorithms, skills to overcome difficulties independently, the basics of programming, and will develop with the times. And the additional features of the robot are designed to develop the creative skills and cognitive abilities of the child.

What worked best and what was challenging?

Children who have previously created projects in the Scratch programming environment have no difficulty in programming the VinciBot robot in the MatatalabApp Coding environment.

How did students respond?

The robot gave children interesting emotions. Everyone was happy to meet a new friend. I think that the genuine interest of children will allow them to successfully master all the possibilities inherent in the functionality of the VinciBot robot.

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